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irish goodbye 

"it's when you leave without saying just vanish."

Irish Goodbye is a short film about a genius in a destructive existential nosedive, and how his landlord employed the charm of the community to pull him back from the brink. 

The origin of this film is extraordinarily unique. Not only was Irish Goodbye based on a true story; it was was written and filmed while still in the midst of the bedlam that is portrayed in the film. Shooting it was simultaneously art, therapy, and most importantly, a re-direction of destructive energy. It was a 'hail mary' in an otherwise hopeless situation. As such, it helped beyond expectation.

No one could slow this man’s descent -- not his family, medical professionals, nor the law. Finding ourselves at a dead end and running out of time, the community pulled together to make this movie with him. By the end of the film shoot, we managed to bond with this man, reach absolution, and reconnect him with his family.

Irish Goodbye is a fictionalized scripted narrative. The key events in this short film occurred in actuality during the two weeks preceding the writing of the screenplay. The film was shot a week later in the exact same locations, using the incidentally damaged property as set-design and the actual people as actors. Everyone portrays themselves on screen, including the lead characters.

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You are invited to be a part of this wonderful short-film


To finish this film, we need to raise funds to pay for post-production services, such as editing, sound, distribution, and more.  The accumulative cost of these services varies widely, but begins around $10,000 and adds up quickly depending on the caliber of skill and the amount of time devoted.  Therefore, the amount we will allocate for post-production will be relative to the total amount raised, and we hope to afford the best treatment possible for this film. So far, we have successfully raised $5,000, and we are currently working to raise the remainder needed to complete the film.

Initially, all expenses were paid out-of-pocket (around $6,000).  The cast and production crew all deferred payment and reimbursement for the sake of the film. Not only did these amazing humans give their time, talents, and resources to this film, but the compassion they brought helped relieve this very difficult situation. Compensating and reimbursing them is imperative, and the total cost for that is $2,000.

We are working with the man's family, and together with a financial planner, we have set up a college-fund for the man's grandson. Any all proceeds from this film will be placed in that fund. We hope you'll join us by contributing to this vital project. 

Please contribute either via PayPal (the button above) or via check, made to 'From The Heart', and mailed to:

From The Heart Productions
Attn: Irish Goodbye
1455 Mandalay Beach Rd.
Oxnard, CA 93035

All donations are tax-deductible via ‘From The Heart’, a not-for-profit fiscal sponsor for the film.  From the Heart has been successfully funding projects since their inception in 1993 under the 501(c)3 Internal Revenue Code of 1954.  They are also classified as a public charity under section 509(a)(2) of the Code.  As such, any monetary donations to their Fiscal Sponsorship Program qualifies as charitable contributions under the U.S. Tax Code for 95 444 5418.

To become a corporate sponsor, fill out the following form, and return via email or mail (contact info on form):




Elias Gwinn - Writer, Director, Executive Producer - has worked predominantly as a music producer, and recently has been working in film and television. Gwinn produced, directed, and edited many short documentaries, and he has co-created several narrative television series that are in various stages of pre-production. Based in Syracuse, NY, Gwinn owns and operates Velidoxi Productions.

Darcy Trunzo - Producer, Production Designer - is a social-practice artist turned filmmaker. Arriving at producing by way of locations, she has worked on award winning productions such as ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, ‘Foxcatcher’, and ‘Louie’. Trunzo has produced for exhibiting artists such as Holly Zausner, and has also produced The Gift - a short comedy currently on the festival circuit. ‘Irish Goodbye’ is Trunzo’s fourth project in collaboration with DP Brendan Swift, and second with Gwinn and Harmeyer.

Brendan Swift - Director of Photography, Producer - is a 5 year veteran in the camera department. Swift, a native of Buffalo, NY, maintains active ties to his hometown while going wherever work takes him. Swift works with fine artists such as Holly Zausner and Rammy Yogendra, as well as narrative, documentary, and commercial contexts. Swift is a producer and director of photography on the third season of the webseries ‘Tough Love’, and the new webseries ‘Marco Solo’. Swift also shot ‘Big Bad Art’, which premiered at the 2014 New Orleans Film Festival. 

Brenden 'Bear' Hubbard  - Producer, Festival Management - is an award-winning filmmaker and producer. He has managed productions and festival runs for various films since 2012, including Fuzzy Logic’s short film, Curfew and the subsequent feature, Before I Disappear. He is currently managing the festival run of Oh Lucy! (winner of the 2015 Jury Award: International Fiction at the Sun- dance Film Festival). Hubbard studied audio engineering at Temple Uni- versity and has toured internationally with bands including Stellastarr and Father John Misty. 

Michael Harmeyer - Production Manager - has worked on several large productions at City Stage Studios and was the Director of Public Relations for Troma Pictures. This is Harmeyer’s second project with Trunzo and Gwinn.

Mohammed Elsafty - Editorial Collaborator - is a Syracuse native actively working as an assistant editor in reality and documentary filmmaking, giving him a unique capacity to work on a project involving non-actors.


Thom Dellwo - portraying himself - lives in the Westcott neighborhood of Syracuse. Dellwo works in financial education with the Syracuse Cooperative Federal Credit Union, and is married to Meagan Weatherby. 

Scott Keane - portraying himself - grew up in Camillus, NY. He received a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from Syracuse University in computer engineering. At the time of filming, he had almost completed his doctorate in computer engineering at Syracuse University. 

Simone Richmond - portraying herself - lives in the Westcott neighborhood of Syracuse. She works in political activism and women’s advocacy. 

Mike Ripple Sr. - portraying himself - lives in the Westcott neighborhood of Syracuse and gives private music lessons. 

Meagan Weatherby - portraying herself - lives in the Westcott neighborhood of Syracuse with her husband, Thom Dellwo. Weatherby works in financial education with the Syracuse Cooperative Federal Credit Union. 

Aly Wane - portraying himself - lives in the Westcott neighborhood of Syracuse and works in political activism. 

Steve Terry - portraying himself - lives in Dewitt, NY, with his wife and two children. Steve is a professional sound engineer. 

Mike Ripple Jr. - portraying himself - lives in the Westcott neighborhood of Syracuse. 

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